• What is a Dr. Oxygen Science Party?

    A Dr. Oxygen show is a collection of fun and interactive science demonstrations. We discuss cool science discoveries of Newton, Galileo and other famous scientist throughout history. You and your child will gain a new appreciation for science while actively participating in the many presentations. Most of all a Dr. Oxygen show is a fun and interesting look at scientific reasoning that your family will be talking about long after the show ends!

    • Coke & Mentos Explosion
    • Dry Ice Sublimation
    • Water Bottle Tornadoes
    • Toroidal Vortex Generator
    • Newton’s Beads
    • Defy Gravity
    • Cartesian Divers
    • Fire Tornado
    • The Copper Stopper
    • Optical Illusion
    • Persistence of Vision
    • Much More!